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The Defendant Is Not Required To Testify in a Criminal Trial

Bloch & Chapleau Feb 22nd, 2013 Criminal Law

In a criminal case, the prosecution has the burden to prove all of the elements of the charged crime beyond a reasonable doubt. However, the prosecution is not allowed to use the testimony of the defendant to meet its burden. Moreover, the jury cannot draw any inferences based on whether or not the defendant has […]

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Court of Appeals Rules that Great-Grandparents Do Not Have Visitation Rights

Bloch & Chapleau Feb 22nd, 2013 Family Law

Great Grandparents and Visitation Rights On January 31, 2013, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled whether great-grandparents of a child have standing to request visitation under the Grandparent Visitation Statute, which is an increasingly prevalent area of family law. In this case, the child’s great-grandmother (grandmother of the child’s mother) requested visitation rights, which the […]

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Sudden Emergency Defense Abolished in Colorado

Bloch & Chapleau Feb 22nd, 2013 Personal Injury

Defendants in negligence lawsuits in Colorado used to be able to ask the jury to excuse their conduct when the defendant was confronted with a “sudden emergency”. An example would be a patch of ice on the road.  Not anymore.  In a victory for personal injury plaintiffs, the Colorado Supreme Court abolished the sudden emergency […]

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Introduction to Colorado Civil Trial Courts

Bloch & Chapleau Feb 22nd, 2013 Civil Law Other Matters

The Colorado court system has three basic levels of civil trial courts, each with its own jurisdictional limits and rules of procedure: Small Claims Court County Court District Court Small Claims Court cases have a damages cap of $7,500, and generally do not allow attorneys to participate, unless the defendant chooses to have an attorney. […]

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Dog Bite Claims are On The Rise

Bloch & Chapleau Feb 22nd, 2013 Personal Injury

Dog attack lawsuits are on the rise. Insurance companies paid out about $479 million for dog bite and dog attack claims in 2011, according to a recent study by the Insurance Information Institute. These claims are typically paid under homeowner’s liability policies. In addition, the average amount paid per claim has risen 54% since 2003 […]

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Commercial Trucks Can Pose A Danger to Other Drivers

Bloch & Chapleau Feb 22nd, 2013 Personal Injury

The United States economy relies on commercial trucks to deliver 70% of all freight transported annually. There are 15.5 million commercial trucks on the roads in the United States and the transportation industry logs well over 4 billion miles every year. With the legal weight of an 18-wheel truck at 80,000 pounds and an average […]

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