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DUID – Marijuana

A DUID will be charged if there is evidence that you are driving under the influence, or your ability to drive is impaired, due to the use of any drug.  Unlike a DUI/DWAI charge, there is not a set limit that makes you automatically guilty of DUID.  However, a drug test result of 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter gives rise to a presumption of impairment. You then must rebut by presenting evidence that you were not in fact impaired, despite the drug test result.

Attempting to figure out your level of impairment can be a costly guessing game. If you have guessed wrong you could face severe penalties. Penalties included losing your driver’s license, paying expensive fines, attending lengthy drug classes, and even serving a jail sentence.  The guessing game of impairment can continue even after you get a ticket. This is because the standards for driving while impaired or under the influence are somewhat vague and open for interpretation.

Moreover, alcohol and marijuana can amplify one another in unexpected ways, and mixing the two can lead to a greater degree of impairment than simply one drug would cause alone.  Ultimately, a law enforcement officer can charge you based solely on your behavior at the time of the arrest.  Thus, contacting an attorney at Bloch & Chapleau as soon as possible is your best defense against the officer’s subjective determination.

You need to have a qualified lawyer that you trust to properly defend your DUID case.   Call Bloch & Chapleau today for a consultation with an experienced DUID defense attorney.

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