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Commercial Trucks Can Pose A Danger to Other Drivers

Bloch & Chapleau Feb 22nd, 2013 Personal Injury

The United States economy relies on commercial trucks to deliver 70% of all freight transported annually. There are 15.5 million commercial trucks on the roads in the United States and the transportation industry logs well over 4 billion miles every year. With the legal weight of an 18-wheel truck at 80,000 pounds and an average length of 70-80 feet, these monstrous commercial trucks pose a serious danger to other drivers on the road. Not surprisingly, there are around 5,000 fatalities per year from collisions involving commercial trucks.

Due to the dangers posed by commercial trucks, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration imposes a long list of rules and regulations that trucking companies and their drivers are required to follow. Compliance with The Motor Carrier Safety Act is required for trucking companies and their drivers in every state, including Colorado. Failure to abide by the Act can result in unqualified, overworked, fatigued drivers, which is a serious danger to others on the road. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for trucking companies and their drivers to refuse to follow the required rules and regulations contained in the Act.

The attorneys at Bloch & Chapleau have experience litigating trucking accident cases, and have utilized the Motor Carrier Safety Act to achieve successful outcomes in claims against trucking companies and their drivers. We can investigate whether the trucking company or its driver failed to comply with the Act and determine what rights you have under the Act.

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