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Florida Jury Awards $1 Billion in Damages for Semi-Truck Collision

Bloch & Chapleau Sep 10th, 2021 Personal Injury

Florida Jury Awards $1 Billion In Damages For Semi Truck Collision.On August 20, 2021, a Florida jury returned a $1 billion verdict in a commercial truck collision lawsuit that resulted in the death of a teenager. A distracted semi-truck driver traveling 70 miles per hour slammed into the rear of the teenager’s vehicle, who was at a complete stop in traffic because another distracted semi-truck driver had rolled his truck on the road ahead. The jury’s billion dollar verdict came after only 4 hours of deliberation, and included $900 million in punitive damages against the truck driver who rolled his semi because he was distracted by his cell phone, had exceeded the legal limit of driving hours, and did not have a commercial driver’s license.

Commercial truck drivers are required to follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. The attorneys at Bloch & Chapleau have successfully litigated numerous commercial truck accident cases, and are familiar with the legal requirements trucking companies are required to follow. Call attorneys Joe Bloch and Trent Ongert at 303-331-1700 if you or someone you know was injured in a trucking or other auto accident. You will work directly with our experienced attorneys. Your case is our priority.

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