Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements Prenuptial Agreements

The contract of marriage may be the most important contract a person enters during their lifetime. Colorado law is precise in what couples may legally do to bind themselves prior to a marriage. The attorneys at Bloch & Chapleau can help you create an agreement that will protect your hard-earned assets from being taken from you and to take the inherent risk of the unknown out of the divorce process.

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Although approximately half of all marriages end in divorce, only 5-10% of Americans obtain a premarital agreement before entering into marriage. While the conversation can be somewhat uncomfortable to have, many couples ultimately benefit from having this conversation because it forces both sides to discuss their expectations and anxieties prior to entering into the marriage.

Prenuptial Agreements can be specifically tailored to protect and advance the interests of both parties by protecting the spouses’ separate property interests, defining what is and will become marital property and debt, and setting forth an expectation of whether maintenance will or will not be received in the event of divorce. Prenups can also be helpful in keeping some property separate to pass to children from a prior marriage, or to simply clarify each party’s financial rights and responsibilities entering into, and throughout, the marriage. Without a prenup, it may ultimately be left up to the court to determine who owns the property and debts at the time of divorce. If you are contemplating a marriage and have assets to protect, you need a prenuptial agreement to protect yourself. For more information, call our experienced attorneys at 303-331-1700.