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Colorado Men’s Rights – Men’s Rights Lawyers

When it comes to divorce and other family law legal proceedings in Denver, men have traditionally been at a disadvantage. Because the man of the home was typically seen as the “breadwinner” and primary wage earner of the family, it was easy for courts to order the man to pay spousal support to his or her spouse after the divorce. Because men were traditionally considered to spend most of the day working outside the home, courts believed that a child’s mother was a more suitable parent. These outdated stereotypes have been disproven. But courts still often enter orders in family law cases as if these stereotypes were still valid. The Colorado family law attorneys at Bloch & Chapleau LLC are here to assist divorcing men in Colorado. We want to help you receive justice and fair and equitable treatment from the courts in Colorado.

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Thank you so much for your representation. I have no doubt that your wisdom and legal presence put me in a far better place than I would have been had I gone with other council or represented myself.
Review by: Josh
Reviewing: Men’s Rights In Divorce Legal Services
Date published: 06/06/2013
Rating: 5 / 5 stars

Why Serve the Interests of Men in Colorado Divorces?

At Bloch & Chapleau, we believe that every litigant in a Denver family law or divorce case deserves fair and equitable treatment. Unfortunately, this does not always occur and men may receive unfair treatment by:

  • Being presumed to be the father of a child despite tests or evidence that suggest paternity is not clearly established
  • Being ordered to pay alimony/spousal support even when it would impose a hardship on him, and/or when the other party does not need an order of alimony
  • Not being considered for the primary placement of his children
    Being discriminated against in the division of property

When such discriminatory treatment occurs, you must take prompt action. Otherwise, you may waive important rights, including the ability to challenge such unfair rulings.

When to Contact Your Denver Men’s Divorce Law Firm

Are you a male seeking a divorce or involved in a divorce, paternity, or child custody proceeding in Colorado? Speak with us as soon as possible. We want to help you get the fair treatment you deserve. Contact Bloch & Chapleau LLC’s Denver office at (303) 331-1700 or toll-free at (800) 813-0928 or by using the firm’s online contact form to discuss your case with us as soon as possible.

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