A Concussion Can Be a Serious, and Often Overlooked, Injury

Bloch & Chapleau Oct 25th, 2021 Personal Injury

Is A Concussion A Serious Injury.A concussion after a ski or auto accident is a common, sometimes serious injury, that is often overlooked. However, this injury should be evaluated and documented by a medical professional as soon as possible after the accident.

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can occur in an auto or ski collision. During the collision, the force of the impact thrusts the head and brain back and forth very quickly, creating a brain injury. It is important to know that you can suffer a concussion even without a direct impact to your head. Collision victims sometimes dismiss it as a “minor injury,” especially when there are other serious injuries, but untreated concussions can have severe consequences, including short- and long-term memory issues, persistent vertigo, and impaired physical coordination. In extreme cases, untreated concussions can even cause brain bleeds.

If you have been injured in a ski, auto, or other accident caused by another, it is a good idea to be evaluated for a concussion, even if you do not believe you impacted your head. Your medical provider can diagnose a concussion, which his helpful to your case in terms of documenting the injury, and prescribe a course of treatment. You should follow your doctor’s advice to treat the concussion, and alert your doctor if your symptoms worsen. A concussion may also impact your ability to work, which may cause you to lose income as a result of the accident.

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