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Vail Resorts Loses Lawsuit Due To Overcrowding On Slopes

Bloch & Chapleau Dec 8th, 2023 Personal Injury, Ski and Snowboard Accidents


Vail Resorts Loses Lawsuit Due to Overcrowding on Their Slopes

A recent court decision in Utah could have big implications for the ongoing conflicts between ski resorts and mountain towns. Judge Richard Mrazik of Utah’s Third Judicial District recently ruled against Vail Resorts, who owns Park City Mountain Resort, and ruled Utah could scrutinize the formula Park City uses to gauge its ideal capacity.

The ruling came out of Vail Resort’s appeal of the Park City Planning Commission’s 2022 decision to block the upgrade three chairlifts at the ski area. The planning commission’s decision came on the heel of opposition by Park City residents. The residents argued that it would lead to overcrowding. According to Park City resident Angela Moschetta.


The formula regarding guest capacity is known as Comfortable Carrying Capacity, or CCC. It is used by ski resorts nationwide to plan everything. This includes everything from adding additional ski lifts to determining the number of restaurants they offer. Traditionally, ski resorts have argued that their exact formulation of CCC is proprietary information. However, the Park City decision could reveal this number to the public at a time when the impact ski resorts have on mountain communities has increasingly come into question.

 “What this comes down to is managing growth, in Park City and too many other communities, Vail Resorts has benefitted from completely unchecked growth.”

Similar fights between Vail Resorts and ski communities have occurred in Colorado. In 2022, the Town of Vail’s council voted to condemn the property Vail Resorts hoped to develop. The development of property, Booth Falls, was contested because of concerns it would decimate the town’s bighorn sheep population. The bighorn sheep lived on and around the parcel. The Town of Vail prevailed against Vail Resorts. They were ordered by the Judge to sell the parcel to the town through this condemnation action.

Vail Resorts has promised to fight the decisions by the Park City and Vail councils and appeal the Utah District Court’s decision. Regardless, the conflicts between ski resorts and the mountain communities on which they rely will only increase in the future.

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