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Insurance And Bad Faith Claims

Just because you have an insurance policy doesn’t mean you will be paid what you deserve. We have extensive experience in representing people against insurance companies which fail to pay contractual benefits to an insured. We have successfully litigated cases in which our clients received substantial punitive damages against insurance companies for their failures to pay benefits to the insured.

In LaCerra v. State Farm, we successfully proved bad faith and also outrageous conduct against State Farm.
Bad faith insurance practices can take many different forms, including:

  • Failing to pay a claim for a covered loss
  • Underpaying a claim for a covered loss
  • Denying a legitimate claim
  • Errors and omissions on the part of brokers or agents that impact the policyholder’s ability to collect
  • Negligent, bad faith or fraudulent practices with respect to insurance policies and insurance coverage.

Going up against a big insurance company can be intimidating without the help of an experienced lawyer. Insurance language, provisions, terminology, principles and law are quite complex, and insurance documents are usually written so that the fine print is barely decipherable. Insurance practices often include interpretations that favor the insurance company and the broker and agent over the policyholder.

The attorneys at Bloch & Chapleau can help you navigate the complexities so that you can get what your insurance company promised to pay when they took your premium payment.

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