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Gearing Up for Summer Riding, How to Stay Safe on the Road

Bloch & Chapleau May 12th, 2020 Personal Injury

With warm weather fast approaching, many motorcyclists are dusting off their helmets and checking their bikes to make sure they are ready for the road. Unfortunately, there is no reason to assume 2018 will be any safer on the road than summer 2017, so bikers must commit to biker safety early so that they do not suffer a devastating motorcycle accident. Motorcycle Safety Tips To Safe On The Road This Summer In Colorado.

Fortunately, motorcyclists can dramatically improve their chances of staying safe if they follow a few, commonsense tips.

Be Visible

Many motorcycles are dark colors, usually black, and they often blend right with other traffic or the road itself. Because many accidents are caused by drivers not seeing you, you need to make sure you and your bike stand out:

  • Consider wearing brightly-colored clothing like a bright yellow or lime green jacket.
  • Turn your lights on even during the day.
  • Put reflector tape on your bicycle, such as around your tire rims or on the side of the bike. Also put reflector tape on your jacket.

If it is time for a new paint job on your bike, consider a bright, nontraditional color as another way to stand out. Did anyone say pink?

Don’t Drink and Ride

Many drivers of passenger and commercial vehicles get behind the wheel while under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. If you drink also, you will impair your vision as well as your reaction time, making it much harder to avoid a collision. If you have had a drink, give yourself enough time for the alcohol to clear your system. Better yet, don’t bike on days when you drink alcohol.

Wear a Helmet

Colorado does not currently require riders over 18 to wear a helmet. Nevertheless, you absolutely should! Motorcycle helmets have been shown to reduce your chances of death or injury:

Even better, wearing a helmet does not reduce your visibility or your ability to hear. Instead, research has shown that a rider can compensate by simply turning his head more.

Drive Safely

Defensive driving might save your life. As much fun as it is to speed or pass illegally on the highway, you only increase your chances of injury. Instead, drive smartly:

  • Don’t assume that drivers can see you. Instead, stay on your toes and be prepared for any sudden movement from passenger vehicles.
  • When passing, do so as quickly as possible. Do not linger in the driver’s blind spot.
  • Don’t ride close to the center line, since a vehicle might swerve into your lane and strike you.
  • Obey all speed limits and traffic laws.
  • Take a motorcycle safety course if you need to brush up on how to handle your bike safely while on the road.

Speak to a Colorado Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Although everyone at Bloch & Chapleau wishes you a safe time on the road, chances are some of you will suffer an injury. When a careless, reckless, or drunk driver causes an accident, you might be entitled to money damages for your injuries. To schedule your free consultation to speak with an attorney, please contact us today.

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