Bloch & Chapleau Sponsors The Glide Project

Bloch & Chapleau Dec 8th, 2017 Bloch & Chapleau In The News - Media

Bloch & Chapleau, LLC is proud to be a sponsor for Chris Anthony’s The Glide Project. The program provides classes for youth to study the science of snow and avalanches. It helps promote respect for the mountain environment and safety for when skiing. During the courses, students will learn skills for teamwork and responsibility in the winter mountain environment. They will be made aware of the dangers and safety precautions of backcountry skiing. They will also learn group rescue and winter survival techniques.

Dates for The guide project are December 28th-30th, January 23rd-26th, and February 27th-March 2nd. Make sure to register online today. You can also make a donation on The Glide Project page.

Bloch & Chapleau frequently handles ski injury cases throughout the state of Colorado. We’ve seen a lot of injuries resulting from negligence and dangerous situations. Because of that, we are proud to help do our part in trying to educate our youth and better prepare them so that many accidents can be avoided.