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Dog Bites/Animal Attacks

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Dog Bites/Animal Attacks

If you are a victim of a dog bite or animal attack, the owner is usually responsible. The owner’s responsibility is based on their knowledge of the vicious nature or propensity of the animal or dog. This can be established by prior aggressive behavior, training techniques or sometimes just the tendency of the breed to be violent.

Injuries from dog bites and animal attacks can be both serious and traumatic, especially for children. Often the pet owner’s homeowners’ insurance policy will pay for a small portion of medical bills regardless of fault, but in serious cases, you will be required to prove the other parties’ negligence. In these cases, the attorneys at Bloch & Chapleau can provide the legal expertise to assure fair compensation for your injuries.

In many situations, a dog owner is responsible for the injuries inflicted on others when their dog attacks or bites someone. In fact, if the victim suffers serious bodily injury in the attack, such as fractures or serious permanent disfigurement, the dog owner is liable regardless of the owner’s knowledge of the dog’s dangerous propensities. Dog attack claims are often covered by the owner’s home insurance carrier. If you or your minor child has been attacked by a dog and suffered injuries while lawfully on public or private property, the attorneys at Bloch & Chapleau can evaluate the dog owner’s liability and assess your right to recovery.