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Colorado General Assembly Considers Bill for Presumptive Maintenance at Permanent Orders

Spousal maintenance, previously referred to as alimony, has become a hotly debated family law issue across the country in recent years. Now Colorado is taking its turn as the General Assembly is currently debating a bill setting forth a formulaic calculation for maintenance awarded at permanent orders, which “suggests” both the amount and duration of the maintenance award. If enacted, this statute would have considerable clout in determining maintenance awards because,
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Dissolution of Civil Unions: A New Colorado Frontier

On March 18, 2013, Governor Hickenlooper signed into law the Civil Unions Bill, which goes into effect May 1, 2013, making Colorado the 9th state to allow civil unions. Some people believe the term “civil union” is synonymous with “marriage,” but they are actually quite different.  The differences include the availability of Federal benefits such as FMLA and Social Security survivor benefits; various State and Federal tax implications; whether the union
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Court of Appeals Rules that Great-Grandparents Do Not Have Visitation Rights

On January 31, 2013, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled whether great-grandparents of a child have standing to request visitation under the Grandparent Visitation Statute, which is an increasingly prevalent area of family law. In this case, the child’s great-grandmother (grandmother of the child’s mother) requested visitation rights, which the child’s father opposed. Although the Denver District Court initially allowed the great-grandmother to intervene and submit her request, the Colorado Court
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